Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rustic Vines is a unique way to enjoy the best wine tasting tours of Bordeaux.

If you are looking for a relaxed way to enjoy an amazing wine tasting experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth, (we don't exaggerate our reviews confirm this) then come and join our friendly, outgoing team at Rustic Vines.  

It is our duty to ensure your wine tasting tours of Bordeaux with Rustic Vines is an informative and relaxing experience creating long last memories of the region. 

We know the wine world can be a little intimidating when trying to distinguish between your Merlots to a Cabernet Sauvignon but with Rustic Vines all those fears will disappear along with your wine which is barrelled in aromatic French oak. 

Your experience will include a wide selection of wine tastings in some exquisite chateaus you won't find anywhere else in the world. 

Being the leading wine tasting tour experts we take care of everything your only responsibility is being on time at the pick up spot. 

King Henry Wine Tasting Tour of Bordeaux in Pessac Léognan. 

Bordeaux is located on the historic Garonne River. The Capital of Gironde Department in the Region of Aquitaine, South western France. It has served the world wine for over one thousand years.  

Pessac Léognan is the oldest wine area in Bordeaux. It previously supplied the claret wine to the English in the 12 century when they ruled Bordeaux during their 300 year reign of Aquitaine.

Our King Henry morning wine tasting tour is a great way to go back in time and enjoy not only red but also white wine. 

Napoleon wine tastings tour of Bordeaux in the Médoc region. 

Our Napoleon tour will allow you to discover some of the most prestigious awe inspiring Chateaus of Bordeaux and some may say even the world. 

The region is famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. You'll have a wonderful afternoon while enjoyed these chunky robust wines in a friendly atmosphere. 

To finish your memorable wine tasting tour you'll enjoy a delicious picnic amongst the majestic vineyards before returning back to the city of Bordeaux.

The Famous Monk wine tasting tour in Saint Émilion 

A common favourite for a Rustic Vines guest. You'll soon see why. Is it the famous sweet, fruity Merlot? Or the rolling hills covered in vines? Or maybe it's the ancient UNESCO world heritage site of Saint Émilion? 

Put all that together with a great company and you have a cocktail for a magic afternoon in the stunning Saint Émilion region. 

If you are on the Famous Monk morning tour please ensure you bring 5€ for a sandwich and drink in the town. 

You'll need food to help absorb the 10 or more wines you'll taste.  

This is the best way to do a wine tasting tour of Bordeaux we guarantee it. 
Our wine tasting tours are in English only. 


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